Belize Education Drive

When I landed in Belize City I had to catch a taxi from the international airport to the municipal airport. This gave me and opportunity to see the not so “touristy” parts of Belize. Seeing how “rough” things were made me spark up a conversation with the taxi driver Stanley! One of the things that stood out in our convo was the lack of free education. First world problems 😦 I had no idea that everyone in every country didn’t have access to free public education. That was all the motivation I needed!! I spoke with a few locals including my tour  guide in San Pedro , Oscar, who confirmed that everything I learned during my taxi ride in the mainland was indeed true and there were many kids that didn’t go to school because their parents cant afford it.

If you’re reading this its probably because you want to help…so here’s the plan! Basic education costs about $50 BZD ($25 USD) a month. School runs from September to June so roughly about $250 USD a year. My goal is to help sponsor at least 15 kids! Im currently in touch with a Dallas native that helps run some of the charities there and a special needs teacher for ACES Brittney O. and Sarah F. Brittney also mentioned that there is always a need for black shoes, white socks, backpacks, and general supplies. So maybe there is someone who might feel the need to give but cant quite afford a monetary donation…a pack of socks will work just as good 🙂 Okay back to the plan….raise enough money to sponsor at least 15 kids tuition for the 2016-2017 school year by June 15th then take a trip to Belize to deliver the shoes, socks, backpacks, and supplies we’ve collected and meet some of the kids! Southwest offers discounted rates when you book in a group so once we have a plan i can definetely work on arranging travel to Belize for the cause. Brittney also owns the SandBar Hostel in Belize so Im sure I could workout arrangements for us there as well.


Donate Here 

As we get closer to June I’ll post update about the trip there. Please subscribe to the blog to receive those updates or send your contact info in the “contact” section of the site!


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