Flight attendant Ellis…you’ve been assigned a trip😩

Today I’m officially 2 months and 3 days in!! I made it through training, IOE, and my first couple of months and I still love the job (not %100 today the I’m a little tired) lol . This life is honestly everything I thought it would be!! ✈️ 

So training was 3 weeks long…easy as pie and I had a cool roommate. The class was diverse men, women, black, white, 21-67 years old, etc. I finished with the highest GPA and got the award for best dressed (still not sure how I pulled the best dressed part off.)  we started with a class of 19, graduated 13, and it’s currently 10 of us left!! Now while training was a breeze, week 1 of actual flying was a fucking disaster 😩 the world had literally been placed in my lap and it was now my job to find a cure for cancer, end world hunger, and find Waldo…not really but that’s what week 1 feels like!! I second guessed myself for a second…maybe I’m just book smart 🤔 maybe I’m not meant to be a flight attendant in real life🤔 obviously those thoughts changed and I’m now an expert at serving 50 passengers in 12 minutes😎 it’s definetly a job you have to get use to and may not be as glamorous as portrayed but still the best job I’ve ever  had !!! 

I’m 2 months in working on my 3rd vacation. I did Aruba my second week then Vancouver/Victoria a few weeks later…both were beautiful!!

Sandy and I at Butchart Gardens

Living arrangements…or should I say a college dorm on steroids!! Here’s how it works: you take a 2 bedroom apartment add 6 bunk beds to each room,  host a bunch of flight attendants , and call it a crashpad!! It’s not as bad as it sounds lol no one is ever home at the same time!! On average you’re off 11 days a month and most Of us travel or go home (or go to our parents house and crash on their couch) . The crashpad ends up being a really good place to vent…eveeyone basically has the same struggle!! My crashpad is downtown Newark so I’m a bus ride away from the airport and a 30 minute train ride from New York!! The girls are all nice for the most part and just like training it’s super diverse in race and age!! 

Dating 👀 …..end of paragraph 😩 Yeah, there’s kinda no time for that😏 I’ve been on a few actually ….nothing to get excited over tho! I did manage to go cold turkey on my ex… No calls, no emails, no texts, I even went to Dallas twice and didn’t stalk him😂😩😂😩 be proud…be very proud! I definetly have my lonely days…or nights but I’ve got that covered!! Reminding myself about th extra sanity I have as a single woman gets me through everytime!! 

The downside is finances….how broke am I ? Let’s just say I made more working at a call center when I was in college 🙈 but that’s ok…I’m happy as shit and I’m not missing any meals!! Money was my ultimate sacrifice….I gave it up in exchange for some happiness!! Best thing I’ve done for myself in my 20s! To add to that I spent atleast half of my income on traveling before I became a flight attendant now I can get a roundtrip flight to Japan for the same price as a pair of converse sneakers…that’s a fuxkin win😎
Ok we’re descending….time to tidy up the cabin for landing…until next time✌🏾️


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