The not so glamorous side of things…

I did 2 cattle calls, 5 video interviews, 3 face to face interviews, and probably 50 applications to get where I am!! I’m here and the grass isn’t ass green as I assumed it would be😓

Let’s start by saying I am absolutely in love with being a flight attendant…I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else…ever!! Immediately follow that statement with I’m sacrificing everything to be here!! A few weeks ago I went into Victoria’s Secret to buy a sweater… checked out the price tag and it was $49!! I literally negotiated with myself about what I could live with out and finally came to the conclusion (made an adult decision) that I can’t afford to purchase a sweater that cost $49 on my salary!! That hurt!!! I sat and thought of the countless time I’ve spent $50 on food, alcohol, lottery tickets, and other bullshit that’s not essential for day to day living!! Basically as a flight attendant you’re guaranteed 80 hours a month…not much when you consider that average person works 80 hours every 2 weeks. We also get per diem…$1.85 per hour. Per diem includes the time we spend at hotels on layovers, wait time in between flights, and the time it takes for passengers to board and deplane!! So in uniform…unless the doors are closed I’m making $1.85 per hour! Adds up tho…during my best month I had about 311 hours of per diem. 

So what do you do when you absolutely love your job but you can only afford to eat Ramen and Wendy’s 4 for $4 when you’re kinda balling??? You continue doing what you love!! Ok enough money talk 🙄

Living arrangements…with all the notes info above it’s kind of obvious that you can’t afford your own place😓 so you crashpad while you’re working and the rest of the time…you live with your parents or you’re semi-homeless😅 unless you were really smart and saved a shitload of money before you joined the wonderful world of aviation!! Again, this isn’t as bad as it sounds, I like to think of myself as a profession nomad😏 and crashpads really aren’t that bad…my new one is quite fancy actually 😎 and it’s a lot better than living with normal people!! It’s like being a thug…if you don’t live this life you probably don’t understand it lol😂 so being in a crashpad allows you to be surrounded by people who understand your struggle, they’re just as broke as you are, and they probably had pretzels for lunch and peanuts for dinner just like you did😜 Ok so broke, semi homeless, and lonely 😓 unless you’re dating someone else that’s into aviation you’re probably not dating at all!!! Communication plays a huge roll in the whole dating/bonding thing and no one appreciates 4 hour delay in messaging!! You’re kinda always away when everyone is available!! So you end creating a new family everytime you start a 4 day trip…I know more about some of the guys I’ve flown with than I’d like to know😳🙈 lol

Gear down….rear down!! (Landing gears down we’ll be landing soon…talk to you later!😘)


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