I think I’m all vacationed out….just kidding 🙃

I spent the last week and a half of January  falling in love with Southeast Asia!! Finshed working a 3 day trip, showered, and headed back to the airport for nearly a day of flying 😩(after I had flown 5 hours for work)  4 hours from Houston to San Francisco then 17 hours from San Francisco to Singapore!!  Singapore was beautiful…and hot and humid!! I arrived at the hostel I was supposed to be staying which ended up being in a very sketchy area 😒 they didn’t allow early checkin…that ended up working in my favor lol I called an Uber and headed to an area that was a little less sketchy…Chinatown for the win😎 

The flight landed super early in Singapore and I was determined to beat jet lag by staying woke until atleast 8pm…I was in bed by 12 and ridiculously tired 🤦🏾‍♀️ I spent the next few days half tired half exploring. Had some really good (and expensive) food and did a lot of walking! Singapore ended up becoming one of my least favorite places because of its lack of diversity 😏 and because it so expensive!! So I ditched and headed to Bali!!!

I started off by heading to Lembongan Island and it was a journey to get there!!

A ferry ride then a wagon then a little boat then another wagon😩 but it was all worth it!! This place was amazing!! Due to the islands size there are no cars on the island just scooters and hotel run wagons. There was so much beauty here!! The water the people THE FOOD!! lol I stayed at a little resort with villas on the water…which isn’t a norm for me…I’m the hostel queen😎 but hey why not!! The place was beautiful and relaxing but filled with family travelers😏 as a solo traveler this isn’t very exciting if you’re looking to link up and make friends. So my days on Lembongan island were spent relaxing and being anti social lol I got a massage to days in a row because the shit is dirt cheap!! A 4 hour spa day with 90 minute massage, facial, and body scrub coat me about $17 !! Amazing right? 

I headed to Kuta next!! Kuta is the city there’s a beach but it’s not the clean pretty beach…it’s a city beach!! Lol the hostel here was amazing and $4 a night!! I arrived early so I sat in the bar/common area and did what I do best….talk to random strangers in random countries!! Made a friend from Scotland, Austria, Morocco, and South Dakota!! After checking we headed to a local spot for lunch…an order of Nasi Goreng and a beer cost me 50,000 IDR the equivalent of about $3 ….I was in love!! 

I spent the rest of my time in Kuta hanging out with my new friends at the hostel. Learned a cool ass card game and drunk a lot of beer!! 

Then it was on to the next city…Ubud!!

After a 2 hour $10 Uber ride I arrived in Ubud!! The hostel here was just as amazing as the one in Kuta but was $1 cheaper 😎 here I made friends and found my yoga boyfriend lol 

Ok let’s talk about aerial yoga…this was amazing!! Per usual I was horrible but yoga is always fun for me!! The studio was cool and the power was out in the city so it was actually a candle lit yoga session (how romantic 😜) I met some more friends lol 2 Beautiful ladies one from the U.K. that was studying in China and in Bali for holiday and the other was from Chicago…super cool to meet another American!! My time in Ubud was spent on the back of Yoga bae’s scooter, getting lost, or eating!! There’s a breakfast dish..pineapple pancakes but it’s not your traditional pancake!! It’s somewhere between a crepe and an American pancake and it was freakin delicious!!! ​

The not so fun part was leaving and getting back to the states😩 I see jokes all the time of people getting stranded while flying standby…the struggle was real!!😂 

I ended up flying from Bali to Hong Kong to Guam to Tokyo and finally to Houston to get home!!! Talk about a struggle 😩😩😩 but I made it and the trip was amazing!! Bali holds a special place in my heart now…I can’t wait to see where the travel Gods take me next…until next time 😎✈️✌🏾


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