Humanity- the quality of being humane; benevolence.

I expected to learn a lot from my first trip to the motherland….I didn’t know humanity would be the biggest lesson!!
A few days into the trip I became really…really sick. By day 3 I had requested an uber and was heading to the ER!! I got in the uber and asked if there was an ER closer than the one I had selected…Mogammad looked and me and said, “you look healthy” lol I told him what was wrong and he told me the hospital would just take my money “I’m taking you to the pharmacy, you need green tea and black seeds” 😳 well ok sure😩😂😩 all 3 pharmacies were sold out!! In the Muslim community it is said that black seeds will cure anything except death…and that’s that the prophet Mohammad had used for all his illnesses!! 

So after 3 unsuccessful Pharmacy attempts he called his mom…we then drove 30 minutes across town to his mother’s house where she met us at the door with 2 bags of black seeds!! Where’s the humanity in this?? He was at work just doing his job…he could have easily made his 25Rand and dropped me off but instead he turned the uber trip off and did everything in his power to be sure that I got what I needed and make sure I was ok…even stopping to let me use the restroom when I needed to!! 
I’m sure you thinking, how crazy am I to take health advice and venture off with a stranger in a foreign country by myself…energy is rea!! Vibes are real!! …and I still believe that people, as a whole, have good intentions!! 
The day before this my new bunk-mate in the hostel saw me coming out of the restroom and immediately asked what she could get for me. I was out of rand so I gave her a debit card…I knew I was dehydrated so I just told her water and alka seltzer. She came back with more than I had asked for and told me she had used her own money to buy everything since she got stuff that I didn’t ask for!! This is someone who I had only met a few hours before. It really makes my heart smile to know that people still care!! …that people are still compassionate!!! 
There’s not a single person that I’ve come in contact with on this trip that didn’t remind me that we are still human…that we all have feelings and we all MATTER!! Between the civil unjust and new president in America it makes it hard to remember that before anything else we are humans!! It’s just really refreshing to see that there are everyday humanitarians among us!!!


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