Not Everyone’s Brittney

My very first time on an airplane was on my 10th birthday! My great aunt took me to Disney World. Had a blast...ate breakfast with the chipmunks nshit...IT WAS LIT! Lol I came back home with all the hotel amenities the Mickey shaped soap and Disney branded lotion etc. The kids down the street vowed... Continue Reading →


Never Do Something You Love For Money

Yesterday I️ was preparing dinner....Curry chicken, rice, cabbage, and cornbread. Someone asked if I'd ever considered being a chef. It's honestly not a bad idea or something I'm against.....other than money takes the passion and fun out of things. I'm pretty sure prostitutes don't like sex on their days off 😩😩😩 I️ loved traveling and... Continue Reading →

Window seat…preferably an exit row!

*Update 2/16/17* I started this blog when I had a normal job and was traveling just for fun...I've since became a flight attendant with a regional airline!! I've continued to travel and I've attempted to date😂 but I still prefer window seats!! Hi guys! *super huge smile* So I started my official 'Solo Travel Journey'... Continue Reading →

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